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1Specialized Staff

AMG dedicates specialized staff to each area necessary to make your HOA successful. Our staff attends educational seminars to ensure they are current with trends, new tools and laws.

2Effictive Communication

AMG utilizes key programs, technology and human resources to make sure our communication with you and your HOA is timely and effective.

3Cutting-Edge Technology

AMG utilizes state-of-the-art computer systems and telecommunication systems allowing us to save you money by being efficient and communicating effectively.

About AMG

Compared to competitive services, AMG is able to offer a consistently higher quality HOA and condominium management because of the unique and proprietary systems we have developed over our 25 year history.

Our communities say they are 98% satisfied with our service. Surprised?

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The five independent AMG companies manage over 300 condominiums, townhome and planned unit developments from multiple offices throughout North and South Carolina.

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At AMG, we believe each client is unique and deserves their own customized service plan to best meet their needs.

Utilizing our years of experience, we will work with you to design a service package that will save you money while providing superior service.

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30 Years

Our philosophy: "Provide superior performance at a competitive price."